Jun 16

Fulfill your wish & Fulfill your desire to thin your arms

PART 1 Fulfill your wish

Not too big or not small

       Although clothes of too large size can cover the undesirable curve, it will make the "tonnage" be "magnified" visually; clothes of too small size will inevitably be tight, which will make you look fat, so "not too big not too small" The "just right" fit is very important.

The overall lines should be clean and fresh

      Be sure to keep the overall lines clean and fresh, for example: remove the shoulder pads that damage the overall lines, or add a silk shirt and petticoat to clothes with more transparent fabrics, which can skillfully cover the sensual waist, abdomen, hips, and legs. Your overall line.

Don’t end at the most significant position

     The end of the dress length is usually the focus of vision, so like cuffs should avoid ending at the thickest arm position, clothing swings should not end at the widest hip position, pants should avoid ending at the thickest part of the leg.

Wear thin clothes

     The clothes with vertical lines and darker colors will play a very obvious role in modifying the figure.

PART 2 Fulfill your desire to thin your arms   

     When wearing short-sleeved clothes, do not let the length of the sleeve end at the thickest part of the arm. Unless the arm is really "thick", it is recommended that you can try sleeveless or shoulder-shoulder clothes. When the entire arm line is elongated, the arm is often not as thick as expected. Secondly, the sleeves should not be too thin, too tight, or too elastic. Wrapping your arms tightly will make you feel full of flesh.

     Dressing is only a short-term plan. In the long run, we should still achieve long-term "thinness" through exercise.

     Regular exercises such as arm dumbbell exercises and push-ups will help the lines of the arms. This is a long-term plan, which essentially achieves beauty.