Jul 30

What Factors Should Be Considered In Custom Outdoor Workwear?

Workwear is not only to reflect the company's image and cultural connotation but also to protect the lives of employees at work when necessary. The focus of this article is: What factors should be paid attention to when choosing outdoor workwear?

What Factors Should Be Considered In Custom Outdoor Workwear?cid=3


First: Fabric

Custom-made workwear, the fabric is very important. The quality of the fabric determines the comfort and work convenience of the workwear. The fabric should have basic wear durable, and then take into account the changes in the season and the ambient temperature. The choice of the fabric of the summer workwear should pay more attention to the breathability. In autumn and winter, it should pay more attention to the warmth, make the muscles feel comfortable and soft, and avoid the movement. Unnecessary bodily damage. Good quality fabrics are tidier, can not afford the ball, do not fade, and can protect the safety of the staff if necessary. Due to some special outdoor activities and work, the choice of workwear fabrics is more stringent. For example, insulating and flame-retardant fabrics must be used in the production of fire-fighting suits; waterproof fabrics should be considered when producing ski suits.


Second: Color

Because it is outdoor workwear, work is generally carried out outdoors, so it is necessary to be bright and eye-catching. Most workwear has this own specific industry or corporate color, and the choice of color is generally within three colors. For example, road or traffic law enforcement personnel's workwear is mostly orange and fluorescent green, and reflective tapes are added to facilitate better identification and safety during night duty.


Third: Style

The design of workwear styles generally follows two basic principles of safety and simplicity. Common coveralls and one-piece overalls generally have strong protective functions. The combination of the tops and the trousers makes the contact space of the worker's skin contact with harmful substances after wearing the jumpsuit and protects the staff Security.


Fourth: Logo

The job uniforms of different positions are not the same, which plays a role in identification. Enterprises will embroider or print the company's LOGO or logo on their uniforms. Different industries, different types of work and different identities, design different styles or colors of work clothes, easy to distinguish.