Dec 20

Workwear-We Provide Professional Customization Services

Custom Your Logo

We are offering a complete range of value adding services and product options. The right colours, customised pattern and personalised packaging.



With our advanced heat-sealing technique you get distinctive high-quality prints in the sizes and colours of your choice.


T Shirt Profiling

Heat-sealing is the best choice when profiling your company T-shirts. Count on high quality in any size and colour.


Reflective Stripes

We can sew additional reflective stripes onto your work trousers and jackets. A cost-efficient solution to boost your personal protection.


High-Vis Profiling

Profiling High-Vis garments is rather special. Excessively large logos may jeopardise the classification of the garment. For optimum and safe company profiling, please contact us for more information.


Personalised Packaging

When you order a range of garments, we have the perfect service for you: personalised packaging.

Easy, convenient and personal.

We supplies wholesale and own brand products to some of the world's retailers. If you'd like to check our products or would like to inquire about custom creations we'd love to hear from you at

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